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Mini Pectinia

Mini Pectinia

SKU: 540
Pectinia alcicornis
3" x 2" x 2"

Realism Matters! All of our corals are carefully molded from actual coral skeletons and cast using a specialized, aquarium safe, urethane rubber which offers incredibly high tear strength, impact, wear and UV resistance. Unlike other imitation corals, our corals are not painted but infused throughout with color so our products will not deteriorate and can be brushed or soaked as needed.
  • Cleaning Information

    All of our corals can be brushed or soaked in a 20% bleach solution to clean as needed.
    Just soak in a 20% solution of bleach and water. (1 part bleach, 4 parts water) Rinse in fresh water and allow to completely air dry before placing the coral back into the aquarium.

  • Made To Order

    All corals are custom made at your request. We offer common and realitic color options for most corals, but we are willing to change the colors of the corals uppon special request! If you need a custom overflow cover or insert, please contact us!

  • Mounting Options

    1. Flat Base
    2. Screw Base (Drill hole in your existing insert for mounting.)
    3. Rock Base (Designed to allow coral to remain freestanding)

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