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In 2015, Custom Coral Creations was established as a division of Las Vegas Props (a full service sculpting, molding and casting prop studio). Working closely with industry leaders and product manufacturers, the dedicated coral fabrication team quickly became recognized for their attention to detail and their tireless pursuit of cutting edge processes and material technologies allowing for a realistic, enduring and refined product like no other. At CCC, we offer a huge selection of coral color options, customizable bases for each coral and, because of our scenic prop experience, customizable inserts and landscapes with almost no limit to scale and complexity of design.


Our goal is to provide the highest quality and largest variety of coral and aquarium decor, focusing on the realism and accuracy of each piece and the greater satisfaction of helping the customer's creative vision come to life.


Custom Coral Creation's coral and specialty insert pieces can be seen in public and private aquariums all over the United States and we take great satisfaction from the joy and excitement our habitats create.

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