December 21, 2016


We've had a lot of requests lately for Tubes and Finger Sponges sooooo.....WE HAVE THEM!

They can come in individual pieces if you would like or we are currently having a special on the family sets. It's very popular with the seahorses if you have them. 

Every piece was hand made, designed specifically from live tubes for Custom Coral Creations.  As well as every sponge was molded from the skeletons of previous sponges.  You'll notice the fine details in every piece, colors custom to your liking and hand made for you, delivered to your door. 

As Always, we are your home for Artificial Coral and Aquarium...

December 19, 2016

Acropora florida

Beautiful Corals of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Off in the shallow reefs of the west Pacific ocean, this fast growing coral makes its stand. 

Acropora florida is part of a group of coral called Staghorns, characterized by thick branches that have shorter stubbier branches peaking out over the edges.  While it is a very fast growing coral, it's speed in growth also makes it weaker on the whole against storms and other natural terrors. (however not so with our artificial coral replica)

Here at Custom Coral Creations, it's by far one of our customer's favorite pieces. It looks like everything the general public consi...

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