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Urchins, Large Hand-Painted

Urchins, Large Hand-Painted

SKU: 910


4.5" x 4.5" x 2"

Each Piece Hand-Painted in the style shown in photo - actual colors may slightly vary. Price is per each. Photo is showing (2) individual pieces. Sizes vary slightly.  

Custom Colors Available on Request


Realism Matters! These specialty pieces are carefully molded from actual urchin skeletons and cast using a specialized, aquarium safe, urethane resin and painted to amazing detail. Unlike other artificial corals, these pieces will not deteriorate and can be scrubbed or soaked as needed. In fresh or salt water our coral can be found in public & private collections all over the US.

  • Mounting Options

    Flat Base
    Screw Base (Drill hole in your existing insert for mounting.)
    Rock Base (Designed to allow coral to remain freestanding)

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